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Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
This all sounds good to me.

The MCU Pro has a dedicated ‘modifiers’ section with shift, control, alt, command and I’ve no intention for them to be anything other than this
Yeah, pretty sure most of us will do this.

On to the Final Frontier

This is all about the Ux of Zone Activation.

The cheap and dirty way is to bang up modal-dialog-like "Pages".

Example -- When you press Sends the Channels switch to controlling the Sends
-- and if there are less than 8, the rest are blanked.

This works reasonably well with small formats like 1/4/8, but after that it gets ridiculous.

Since that is what the "I" in CSI is all about -- Integration, consider this:

A 20 Channel Integrated logical surface.

Hit the Sends button.

The ENTIRE 20 channels are taken over by the 3 Sends -- the rest are blank.

Uhhh... I don't think so !!

That is a horrific workflow AND a tremendous waste of available resources.

So with CSI we must step up the game.

This gets us into the territory of Zones/Overlays, where a Zone may partially overlay another Zone.

In this case we want all of the Widgets outside the Zone to function as they did previous to the Zone's Activation.

That's one of those "easy to say, hard to do" -- "devil's in the deets" kind of things.

Here's an opener for consideration:

Let's say there is a designated "Sends" Zone that overlays 4 Channels of the 20 Channel setup.

Whilst you are adjusting the Sends on the 4 Channels you bank the remaining Channels.

What should happen when you Deactivate the Sends Zone ?

This one appears easy -- the Sends Channels do not revert to their previous location, but rather to the new location banked to whilst the Sends Zone was Activated, that's intuitive.

Hmmm.... When we Activate the Sends Zone, do the 4 Send Channels insert and push the other 4 normal Channels down the Surface, yeah, probably that's right.

Ok, another.

Let's say you have a RotaryPush that does our familiar Pan/Width move.

Let's say you have a Zone Activated that maps the Rotaries to an FX.

When you push the Rotary you would expect it to operate on the FX (e.g. a drill down, or whatever you have mapped to that RotaryPush).

You would NOT expect that RotaryPush to "bleed through" to the underlying Zone and change the Pan/Width, right ?

Hey, wait a sec, we have the "banking" case where the underlying Zone gets the Navigation, isn't that a kind of "bleed through" ?


So now we have 2 cases, one with "bleed through" , one without.

We're going to need some very clever thinking to keep this flexible yet manageable.

This is going to be both the challenge and the reward of the Final Frontier

Let's go !!
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