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Originally Posted by clepsydrae View Post
Pity the developers that have to handle all this stuff so we can take videos of our cats and put them on instagram.

Hello- well that is a big lol- these silly cats get ALL the glory! gahh prrrrrrr pussies.

It's 1 thing i like about the reason devs- they write their own stuff,like timestretching algor,rex formatting,plugin sandboxing and remote codecs etc no 3rd party software is really needed,it's all done in house (even though they do not include video writing)
If* cockos wrote everything to render,encode and decode- they can maintain and develop more to suit their users needs over time,easier to fix any known bugs and as some companies and plugin devs just abandon stuff real quick.
Cockos wrote rearoute asio- am almost sure they could do this if they wanted..maybe?
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