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I don't think Wordpress is relevant here -- the issue would be what files your browser can/can't play. So if you open the video file directly with Chrome or Firefox or whatever, you should get the same result you got via Wordpress (unless you're talking about the hosted services wordpress provides and they're doing some kind of transcoding or something that I'm not aware of.) Someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

As much as I love ffmpeg and use it all the time, I've had better compatibility luck by rendering to uncompressed (or high-bitrate) formats and then encoding to h.264/mp4 using Handbrake. [edit: I don't use video in reaper -- I'm talking generally, here.]

VLC (which I also love and use all the time) typically does a great job being able to play something where other players just give up, which is awesome but can lead you to believe that a video file is fine when it is not.

I think your reaper->resolve->wordpress route will work, but rendering to something that resolve can read is not always easy -- it's not really designed to read a wide variety of formats; it focuses more on professional codecs and the like. I have some tips for that if you need them. I'm on Win 8 and resolve on Win 10 might be better/easier about this... for me I have to be careful about how I render in order to have resolve pick up the file OK (certain color space, certain chroma subsampling, etc.)

You could also post a short demo video somewhere and folks could see if they find an issue with it.
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