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Fortunately, and Unfortunately, that worked. So the video rendered as mp4 when I gave the filename the extension of .mp4. But when I upload it to my Wordpress site or even have my google chrome browser play it, the video is just a black screen. VLC media player on my PC can play it and there is no black screen, there is an actual video. The thing is, Wordpress just shows the black screen, and if I use the .mov default rendering Wordpress will not even play that if inserted into a page. I have other .mp4 videos on my Wordpress that play fine, but they were rendered from e.g. Sony Vegas or Davinci Resolve, not Reaper. Frustrating.
I am thinking maybe I figure out a Windows 10 command line command using ffmpeg (I have that installed) to transcode the Reaper video output to a format that Davinci Resolve is using and that WordPress can then use. As it stands, the video renders from Reaper are not compatible with the current Wordpress version--a shame because Wordpress is quite popular.
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