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Default File contents comparison (md5sum) support?


I've searched for an existing thread on this but can't find one; please excuse me if this has been raised before.

I am wondering if anyone has considered adding in support to peform md5 (or sha1, or whatever) hashes of files before doing the sync.

I have a bunch of files that I like to keep sync'ed, but I'm not comfortable relying on file dates or file sizes. I recently discovered that a bunch of files that I had synced relying on date and size (NOT with pathsync) have become corrupt gibberish - I wouldn't have noticed because on the surface they look fine, but the contents are hosed.

What would be ridiculously handy for me is just another checkbox - "ignore md5sums" - which, when unchecked, would perform and md5sum hash on the source and destination file and allow me to opt to overwrite source or destination based on md5sum.

So - I was curious to know if anyone had started working on functionality like this, and/or if anyone else thought it would be a useful feature.

-- trog

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