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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
This is exactly what I definitively will not do.

Thanks for pointing it out to me and saving me the hassle of the d/ld. !

This is a really a high grade freebie, to dismiss over
a technicality, and few minutes of cut/paste reg time.
If you think in terms of the long run, where you want
your productivity to be in 2020 and beyond, keep in mind that
IK typically have some great discount sales
and group buys, on world-class products, and 2nd-hand licenses
are also sold sometimes, so having an account in place simplifies
taking advantage of future opportunities.

The Pianos in SampleTank 3 Free are
going to be better than anything you'll find in linux,
unless you buy the great PianoTeq. Syntronik itself is getting positive reviews by people I've recognized over the years, to be reliable sources.

There are also free versions of Amplitube 4 for guitar,
and their T-Racks mastering plugins collection, each having
an ala-carte Custom shop, to affordably bolster what is given away.
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