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Originally Posted by lucas_LCS View Post
SampleTank 3 free version = 427 meg + a separate 1.2GB Sounds Download
additionally, SampleTank 3 CS (free ver) allows you to import sounds.
Thanks for the info. To be clear, the 427 meg includes some sounds,
probably several Grand Pianos. I just installed and older version
I had saved for a rainy day, and it is a 408 meg archive, and when
installed, includes 4 grand pianos. The 1.2 gig will be more sounds
they released over time, as SampleTank 3 was getting it's sea legs.

The V3.6 executable is only 5.3 meg, and the .dll 213 K,
the other 400 meg are sounds and IK infrastructure.

At the moment, I have one ST3 piano loaded in the standalone app, and a
different one in windows reaper via wine, sounds quite wonderful.
If your keyboard has good or excellent velocity sensitivity,
they can be very expressive.

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