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Originally Posted by parhom View Post

Did anyone have any luck using Sforzando with Reaper on Linux?

I try to use it with LinVst bridge, but have some issues: it loads and plays sfz-instruments, but doesn't show its UI correctly. When using standalone version with wine UI works perfectly, I can see active keyboard at the bottom, instrument's info and GUI. With LinVst Sforzando doesn't update it's UI after loading an instrument.

Is it an issue with LinVst or maybe I have to configure something?
I tried it out with some Kawai samples and some others.

The UI instrument display seems to update when instruments are loaded from the menu.

It's probably a Wine thing but I'll see if I can do anything.

The standalone version loads external graphic files for it's GUI and the vst would have the graphic files built in, so it looks like something Wine is doing with the vst.

The vst depends on OpenGL/D3D as well, and that can cause problems for older video hardware that doesn't have newer OpenGL (D3D) capabilities.

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