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WT, forgive me if this has been covered in your guide, the Walter SDK, or earlier theming material, but I cannot find it, maybe I'm too excited; and sorry also if I am jumping the gun and you intend to get to this later.

My problem is that I am using the classic theme, simply trying to erase some elements such as phase and the volume and pan labels, and so I have just entered a list of "clear *" in my RT config (I was using an RTconfig to enable pngs so I just used that instead of default_rules.txt). But while the elements have been removed, gaps have been left in their place. How can I get rid of the gaps? do I just need to manually reorder the leftover icons using the 8 number values? Do you recommend that I just start with with a blank tcp as you do in the tutorial and build from there?

Edit. Also I noticed that as soon as I added some Walter code to my rtconfig, I lost all the layouts that came with the pre-release. How come and can I get them back?

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