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Thanks G-Sun !!!

Just what I'm looking for.

As far as the ultimate control surface, I've been thinking about / working on this for over 10 years now - first programming I ever did in this space was the Faderport drivers for various DAWS in 2006.

I now think the ultimate control surface is a hybrid made up of various phones/pads/fader packs/scrub jog wheels, etc. depending on the user's role at the moment - mixer, editor, post-pro, etc.

So workflow has to be the BIG number 1 with a bullet.

Otherwise why would you spend the money, time, and effort on all this mess.

You have to be able to change workflows quickly, perhaps in a way very like the layers on the live digital boards.

Most often the idea would be to remove buttons (ones that are out of context) so that you don't press them mistakenly.

For instance:

example 1: If you are not tracking, the record arm and record buttons just clutter things up, they can and should be hidden, so that they are not inadvertently pressed.

example 2: If you use an Apollo or equivalent, the input monitoring section is generally just clutter, the Apollo console takes care of that chore.

I believe track_ID is sorely missing in Reaper
I seem to recall a track GUID, I'll have to check.

Please let's keep this discussion going everyone, the product will only get better with your input.
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