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Originally Posted by chammer View Post

In an attempt to flush out the details of what I'm proposing I offer this excerpt from an email volley I had with a friend about this issue recently, by way of describing how an old (ancient) sequencer program called Vision was set up to handle odd number subdivisions of a beat or beats. Cheers.
I had a short session with a student who told me she still uses a sequencer from the 1980's and I was interested to see it, as she creates great sequences.

I had a chance to visit her studio the other week and the software is Opcode Studio Vision. Is this the sequencer you mean?

The first thing I noticed was the ability to display sequences in 'block' (barwise) or 'phrase' view. I asked about conditional selection, specifically selecting notes on a particular subdivision of the bar, and of course that was possible.

It would be great if REAPER could mine some of this.
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