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Art Evans
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Over at KVR I wrote -

" recorded a world-famous chamber orchestra with a world-famous violin soloist in my home city's biggest concert hall last night, using Reaper with one of the new "Coffee & Cream" style skins - and found myself unexpectedly a little uncomfortable with the look of the thing with the hall's sound staff around. The older look was perhaps actually more pro and functional looking - there's a danger that the current early skins can look a bit "toy DAW" or "me too" or "home studio"(though the guys producing them have done great work, and I'm just talking about my personal preferences). Perhaps in due course (it's early days!) there will be a more restrained skin - something good looking that none the less doesn't try to be a picture of something real - 'cos we all know it isn't!"

Maybe it's a 2D theme I'm thinking of?
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