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Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
Changing the work paradigm for MIDI from item-based to track-based should be a priority. This would mean that we would always see the whole track in the MIDI editor, and MIDI items would just be "clips", sections of the track that are copyable, etc.

Then, Cockos SHOULD allow developers registering their actions in other contexts than Main, so that we could have new MIDI Editor actions in the corresponding Actions list context. Workarounds are not nice.

We should be able to decrease the width of left-side piano roll graphic, to gain more space.

Load Scales dialog does not remember last visited folder. I don't want it to look in REAPER Resources/Data, I created my own folder, REAPER Resources/Scales, that I want it to look into.

The Scale button should change its width according to the scale name length.

MIDI Filter should be dockable to MIDI Editor (this is coming, according to schwa's words).
YES! definitely like track based midi over item based.....
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