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Originally Posted by Lawrence View Post
It's not a contest. The guy's opinion is the only one that matters.

Two days of work on such a simple song, not done yet, admitting you don't have decent monitors and mixed it on headphones.... all implies that you're maybe just trying to outdo the guy, not help him.

If you really wanted to help him you'd just take his feedback and change the things he doesn't like... or walk away. He already told you what he didn't like so why are you asking us when his opinion is the only one that matters?

Improve the mix - for him - by changing the things he doesn't like.
Sorry Lawrence, I only just saw this! And it is what I intend to do. And I must make a point about how much physical editing I had to do to make things like the drums and bass more usable. thats what took up most of my time.
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