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Originally Posted by BenK-msx View Post
i always thought sending folk drafts/updates was a good idea to show you've been working and to check on 'direction' etc. but the unfortunate fact is your regular non engineery type has little concept of 'draft' or unfinished, and it can scare people or put them off or have them worried about random things.

for example you may have spent forever fixing a 5 second section and sent a clip over and he moans about stuff at the end which you haven't sorted out yet.

so many times i've found people who were all with me and loving how we were going have turned into pita doubters due to a single rushed out clip version that wasn't the helpful progress indicator i hoped for! u then have to go into full explanation mode to ensure things go smoothly.

the overall mix may be thin compared to his full, since he e/g stuffed it through some mastering preset, whilst you didn't do any of that as its a mix in progress. comparing apples with oranges folk will find a difference.

either you do as mercado said and be his bitch (nah) or you ignore him and us mostly and just listen afresh on many systems.

tbh u get advice overload here which i doubt is actually helpful. ,i'd run away and back yourself.
Thanks for that BenK, I did point out to him it was a draft for where I'm going with it. He also even said that he thought my use of reverb was pointless and I also mentioned that I had not had time to reference it on different monitors or rooms yet. But yeah I guess your right about the whole being scared thing.

I'll just work on it for my own enjoyment then post it on youtube and get more views lol.

I bet you won't be able to find the clarinet and various pianos in his mix, but you should have little trouble doing so with mine.

Also, I asked him what he was listening to it on and he never told me... I wonder why? o.O

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