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Originally Posted by Mercado_Negro View Post
Do what they say, that's what they're paying for. Call them, make them go to you studio, spend a day mixing with them in the room. Do everything they say no matter how stupid or crazy it may sound. Give them what they want, even when you think it won't work. No delay at all? Do that (they'll say "add a bit of delay" after they hear it... or not). You have to prove your point by doing it twice: their way and your way, they'll pick the best *for them*. Remember, it's their vision and way to conceive the song, not yours; you can give *ideas*, that's all.
This is true, however 1) I'm not being paid 2) I'm doing the song for my portfolio as well as his/her own benefit.

I think this person just hates reverb :/
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