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Thanks a lot for the information guys (rictheobscene, bladerunner, technogremlin - sorry if I forgot anyone ).

I've played around with zebra, blok and karmasynth for a while now - not yet building patches and both, zebra and karma sound very nice.

But I can't help thinking a lot of the niceness comes from the ample use of effect used in the patches, what do you think?

When I compare them to my Nord Modular which has next to zero FX, the nord can sound quite beepy compared to the glitz these VST-s offer.

A good point that you bring up is the support from development and userbase - this gets me a bit cautious - which one of them will prevail, which abandoned...
Wouldn't want to bet on the wrong horse as it is an investment, both money and time/effort in learning to use.

Which brings me to another aspect the learning curve - I'm no mathematician

I've always loved the look and mystery of the endless Reaktor, but when actually trying to make my own patches I've eventually given up in the past.
Just look at inside those factory synth patches (was it junatik or something) - it's crazy, the sheer amount of those connections - how could anybody find their way around there, let alone make it in the first place?

Well, eventually decisions have to be made or I'll go on for the rest of time testing synths, not making music nor sounds.
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