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So, using the example_m3u and reaper_ninjamloop projects as templates I've managed to register my extension, command and hook. That works and I'm so proud :-)

Now, looking at the API as defined by reaper_plugin_functions.h I realise that the declarations made in the example files (such as HWND (*GetMainHwnd)()) are already there in reaper_plugin_functions.h, so I decided to include that file (after the inclusion of reaper_plugin.h) into my project instead.

But... then I get several errors. Both ReaProject and LICE_IBitmap are undeclared!

Surely, this isn't as it should be. Any *.h file should drag in every declarations that it needs within itself. And I guess the devs know this, so there's probably something that I am doing wrong... or?
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