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my only suggestion is to isolate a pattern of offset changes in binary form. where a pattern is consistent for all plugins (or at least for all with the same number of channels). but i guess that has already been said in a way. good luck with hacking your way trough.

Originally Posted by yhertogh View Post
ZIZI the have some fallic obsession? ;-)
if i knew that such a question will be raised in a cockos forum, i might as well be considering breasts in the picture to make sure that any possibility is eliminated. this of course may have raised the very similar question if i am obsessed with tits, but remove any doubts about my manhood. on the other hand this proposal of a scenario could lead to a sub-question (more freudian one) which is "why are the tits in ascii?" which will most likely generate complication of possible answering under any hat.

ascii "bait and switch" pranks are old and this is off-topic.
of course only for those with a good sense of humor (and eager to know more api). :-)
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