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Originally Posted by mespotine View Post
I'm experimenting with ReaPack again recently and noticed, that file:/// seems not be accepted by ReaPack 1.2.2, only in 1.2.1. Is this a bug or intentionally?
Confirmed, all protocols except http(s) are accidentally disabled in v1.2.2's build of curl (only on Windows). Fixing...

As for the "ReaPack Notice" dialog for reminding users to restart REAPER after installing a package of the Extension type, which is a standard Win32 OS message box, SWELL is responsible of managing any related HWND (if any) on macOS/Linux. Maybe AppleScript would be able to close it (ugly hack though)?

The best solution would be to mark packages which only contains scripts as Script packages (defaults to writing to the Scripts folder unless overridden per-file). Then the restart notice dialog is not displayed.

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