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I'm experimenting with ReaPack again recently and noticed, that file:/// seems not be accepted by ReaPack 1.2.2, only in 1.2.1. Is this a bug or intentionally?

I also tried to make an automatic web-installer for our Ultraschall-podcast-extension and I stumbled over an issue on Mac.

When I downloaded the installer-files, ReaPack opens the windows "ReaPack Notice" and a transaction-protocol.
On Windows, I managed to get and close them automatically, so I can move on with the installation-procedure automatically, as background-scripts still run.
On Mac, however, these dialogs stop all ReaScripts from working, until I closed them by hand.
So I wonder, is there a way to synchronize without the dialogs, somehow?

Even funnier, when I close the ReaPack Notice-dialog, the JS-extension still finds the hwnd of the window, as if it's still there.
Even ValidatePtr sees it as valid pointer.

The code I used to check this, is the following one:

function main()
  A=reaper.JS_Window_Find("ReaPack Notice", true)
  B=reaper.ValidatePtr(A, "HWND*")
  --if A~=nil then reaper.JS_Window_Destroy(A) end

The A should be nil and the B should be false in this case.
Have no idea, whether it's an issue in JS-extension or Reaper, but when I try to do something with the "found hwnd", Reaper crashes, so it seems not to be there, somehow.

Is there a way around that?

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