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Oh,oh, OH!!! I think I've found the problem!!

Being obsessed with correct audio levels for my podcast, I have a VST plugin called Youlean Loudness Meter 2 on my Master Track to make sure everything is at -16LUFS.

If I'm playing my project, open the FX panel for that Master Track and disable Youlean, I can recreate the stutter at will as soon as I re-enable Youlean! Each and every time! And if Youlean is enabled, the stutter also happens when I close the FX panel.

So, even though I'm not constantly enabling and disabling that plugin (it was always enabled before now), it looks very much like the stutter is related to this.

SO - Youlean is now disabled until I really need it at the end of my project. I'll keep working and see what happens now. I'm feeling very confident. I'll keep you posted!
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