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Originally Posted by jesus4c View Post
Thanks for your replies and sorry for the slow response. I'm in full-on edit mode ATM, so will be trying your suggestions as soon as I get a moment.

Just a quick observation - the stuttering also happens when playing a file in Media Explorer and I THINK it also happens when playing a Soundcloud file in a browser. So, not one of my downloaded or exported files or using Reaper at all.

I only THINK coz this is when I'm looking for a suitable music track for the podcast and I'm flicking from one to another and the 2 times I THINK it's happened has been milliseconds before I've clicked to move on to something else.

Will experiment further when I get a chance.
So the fact that it does the same thing when you play it in a media player kind of indicates what I've been saying about something in the way that commercial system is encoding the audio.

If you can put that Quantel file on a Reaper track and just render it, just by itself, nothing else, then replace the Quantel track with the track you just rendered, I'm thinking that might work for you. Granted it's a workaround, but sometimes that's about all you can do.
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