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Originally Posted by toleolu View Post
If you get a chance, with that commercial audio file inserted into a track in Reaper, right click on it and select "Item Properties". Post those properties, maybe someone will see something in those properties that might be causing the issue.

I still have a feeling that something in the way your commercial system encodes the audio is what's causing Reaper to have problems with it.
Gawd! Big learning curve today. Have never tried to post a screenshot before. It ain't easy, is it!? I hope this link works. This is the Item Properties for part of one of the files that was exported from Quantel QEdit Pro as a wave file:

Also - here's a cut 'n'paste of the Source Properties:

Length: 9:08.640
Sample rate: 48000
Channels: 1
Bits/sample: 24 (int)
Total samples: 26,334,720
Blockalign: 3
Datablock start: 56

I also plan to talk to the computer techs at work on Monday to see if I can see (and maybe change) the wave encoding/exporting settings.
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