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OK, let me clarify a bit further here.

Maybe I should have said this at the beginning.

I have purchased and downloaded the song 'A Sky Full of Stars' made famous by Coldplay and I am simply singing along to the music.

So, I am not creating a song of my own here...

So, the website allows me to choose what key I would like the song to be in. I tried playing it in several different keys and settled on C#m.

Now, I simply want to go into WAVES Tune Real-Time and be sure I set the key in that plugin to match the key of the song, that's it! Nothing more complicated than that ......

So now, I hope this help clarify what I am doing and I will remain hopeful that a simple answer is at hand....

For those people who would say, "It depends on what your trying to do" I say that the ONLY thing I want to do is sing along to the song as written.
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