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Default Anyone using WAVES Tune Real-Time plugin? I need help please.....

I am putting this plugin on a vocal track.....

I have a song that is in the key of C#m.
I am not looking for information or explanation of music theory.

I can clearly see the setting for KEY which in this case is C.
It also clearly has the choice to engage the #.

All I want to know is, since there are so many choices for SCALE for this plugin, which one should I use?

Right now the scale says 'Chromatic'.
But, there is choices for:

Natural Minor
Harmonic Minor
Melodic Minor (Ascending)
Melodic Minor (Ascending Descending)
Minor Justonic
plus a whole bunch of other settings for minor scale...

So, should I leave the scale at chromatic, or is there another setting for scale I should be picking?
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