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Great video! Explained so much! And has certainly set me on an investigative journey with a bit more understanding to sort this out. Something I've done in recent weeks has caused this issue.

First thing was that the firmware on my AudioBox was out of date. Not anymore. I then had a look at the buffer size. Mine was set at 512 samples/44.1kHz and that 512 already seems high compared to the video where he was running about 19,234 virtual instruments and everything else! So, I've left my settings as they are to see whether the firmware upgrade makes any difference. (I'm expecting it won't. I'm more suspicious of the plugins I'm using).

I'm also running a Behringer X-Touch One control surface and the stuttering often occurs (but not always) when I'm using that to write to a track in Reaper.

So - I'll move around everything I can think of to check firmware and drivers. That's my next hurdle - knowing which devices and drivers need to be checked. Like Reaper, why can't everything just notify me when there's an update available??

And then a close look at my plugins. Good to know, that while inconvenient, this isn't messing up my project.

PS. I like his shirt, too.
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