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Originally Posted by ReaDave View Post
Have you had them create physical media for you at all? I'm looking to do an initial release of digital only and later on, look at CD and vinyl releases too.
Yep, 1000 CDs and that was a smooth process as well. They didn't actually have the CD sleeves I wanted on the website which was a foldout sleeve with an 8-page booklet inside. They called me and quoted me exactly what I wanted anyway. FYI they and DiskMakers are the same basic company which was helpful.

I created a DDP file using Hofa which means I'm guaranteed that what I and the band sign off on, is how the CD turns out. They accept DDP which was great. After that's uploaded they extract it and create the digital distribution files and send me a webpage player that mimics the real release so that I can sign off on the streaming stuff.

They have an ~n step process in their web app for entering everything, uploading, ISRCs, ASCAP/BMI rights and so on. So you have to complete each step in order and review and once all that is done, the final approval steps occur etc. etc. Their backend web app for tracking sales etc. is also pretty good and so on.

I only had one small niggle and that is some of the more detailed instruction documents (for geeks like us) are sort of hidden, not on purpose, but there were a couple times I didn't save a link and couldn't find my way back easily. Even then a quick email and they replied with the proper link and/or PDF docs.
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