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Originally Posted by mschuster View Post
hey Erik,

enjoyed this!

OT's really nailin' it...

guitars are massive.. working really well.

if i was your producer... here's what i say (for whatever it's worth...)

You need to add a little more MOJO to those drums and bass. Good luck!!
If you wouldn't mind Swami I'd like to pick your brain a little further. So with Tommy Lee and Billy currently working at Wal-Mart I need to try and get this myself(tall order)
So are you suggesting the arraignment and performance of the current bass guitar and drums aren't cutting it ? Or is it the mix of these instruments ? Or possibly all of the above ? Im not offended or anything close to that, just want to be sure I'm following the bread crumbs you're leaving as I respect your opinions.

Little clarity ?

Thank you bud
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