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hey Erik,

enjoyed this!

OT's really nailin' it...

guitars are massive.. working really well.

if i was your producer... here's what i say (for whatever it's worth...)

i think you've got a really unique and killer vibe going here - but you have to bring your game up on your rhythm section (bass/kit), especially those drums. you've got all this energy emanating from the vocals and guitars - and not an equal amount from the rhythm section. i can just feel the energy waiting blow, but it can't completely until there's something really churning in the rhythm section. You need Tommy Lee and Billy Sheehan my friend. That simple!

Keep at it brother! It's a great vibe you got going there. Unique, interesting!
Hard to come by these days! You just need to add a little more MOJO to those drums and bass. Good luck!!
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