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And probably yet another cull of the oldies you got but dont actually use any more like I need to! P.S. Got the abbey road mastering after demo`ing it, plus I finally got the CLA 1176 I have been avoiding for ages. Now I have it, wish I had grabbed it sooner. I have a couple of other 1176-alikes but this one DOES bring something indefinably good to the table as well. Who knew?

To all of you still having issues with Waves plugs I offer the same advice I have been offering for years. Go through your machines with a fine tooth comb and remove every single file that you can find that is even remotely connected to waves. Thts WILL take a while and some serious attention to detail. Then download the latest Waves Central and reinstall everything deom screatch. Yo uwill then be a memeber of the Effortlessy Using Waves Club" like Dave, myself and many others.
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