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Originally Posted by Pinknoise View Post
Someone has GAS I suspect...becoming a plugin junkee ?
It's a fun habit with no hangover !
I would personnaly encourage another pusher than Waves althoug you seem to pick up the stuff that has little competition.

I had litlle luck with Melda.Mautovolume or Hornet VUmmk3 I always end up doing automation by hand it seems less fiddly and more constant than messing with plugins.

Is Waves working for you ?
Waves is actually working really well here. I've been using Waves for many years now (since around the V5 days).
At present, I have a ton of V9 plugins on my main studio rig (Win 10) and a growing collection of V10. I haven't had any issues so far with both shells on the same system.

Some of my other favourite plugin vendors are Klanghelm, Valhalla, IEM, Blue Ripple Sound, Plugin Alliance (I have lots of their stuff and just purchased their SSL G channel strip), u-he, iZotope, Native Instruments, Spectrasonics, Expert Sleepers and a bunch of others.
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