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Default Insert space at the beginning of a project

Thanks Michael & Solger,
I appreciate that you took time to reply. I inadvertently discovered that after adding the space using the insert command that I could simply highlight any note and slide it into the new space. So doing automatically stretches the MIDI item within the track. So simple, yet so inconspicuous.

I knew all along that there was a simple solution. Reaper has an arcane user interface, reminiscent of a bad UNIX graphical shell. I imagine the benefit is that the GUI does not consume many CPU cycles, but the downside is there's nearly nothing intuitive about it. Even the menus are loaded with unusual and undefined terms like implode and explode - What does that mean in a recording context?

There is a solution, an integrated, context sensitive help system would consume zero cycles during playback and record functions. The downside to this is that it consume Cuckos resources to create it.
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