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well, i was pretty excited at the possibility of getting my larger projects to open in reaper using wine but, sadly, i've not been able to get that to work. got reaper installed, configs imported, license imported, audio device set up (i think) but no luck. project crashes. sometimes it gets through the loading process and crashes when trying to play. sometimes it gets to the end of the loading process and crashes before trying to do anything at all. that's actually better than the native linux version.

i can report a couple of things. one, when the project loads it has a video reference file as the project is a post production sound design/mix project. that video file comes up on the screen upside down. also, when i hit the spacebar to play, the playback is extremely slow and unresponsive. so much so that hitting the spacebar again does not stop playback and i have to kill the reaper process. this happened both when trying to play with the video file active, as well as with the video track muted.

tried these things with both the 32 and 64 bit reaper versions. 64 bit worked better. plenty of memory: 32gb, and plenty fast enough i7 processor along with lots of room on the ssd.

thanks for the idea,
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