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Originally Posted by babag View Post
individual plugins loaded into reaper via carla do not expose their parameter envelopes for automation. is that right?

just been experimenting with carla and am finding quite a few lv2 and other plugins i'd like to use as they sound better than anything else i've run across. problem is that i'd want to automate parameters. don't seem to be able to do that when loaded through carla.

thanks for any clarification,
You are right, but you can use MIDI CC to use automations.
Insert ReaControlMIDI before your lv2 plugin, enable Control Change and Raw mode in ReaControlMIDI, and give a CC in one of the <none> line then in Carla, open your plugin with the generic interface and assign the Control Change you want to use to the parameter needed. When it's done, in the automation of your track the CC appears.
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