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Originally Posted by Evan View Post
It should be possible to provide (satisfactory) intermediate scaling options by the devs. Scaling the assets down (200% -> 130%) should be relatively easy to do with good results.
Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
...and is already possible.
I'm digging in possible ways of adapting Reaper GUI/themes to my needs (4K 42" monitor). What I did so far:

1. manipulating with global_scale parameter in rtconfig file.

In DefaultCammala5 200% I changed 2.0 to 1.3 .

Some most elements have been scaled down (incl width of tracks in TCP or pan knobs). Other haven't: volume sliders, some fonts. Graphical layout got distorted.

Click image to get original size

In Default 5 Dark Extended I added global_scale line = 1.3 (there was no one initially)
Again, some elements were not scaled up, like volume sliders. Pan knobs turned into more square shape. Some things went unaligned.

Click image to get original size

In both cases toolbar icons are not scaled.
For unknown reason volume sliders are being not scaled, in addition being moved horizontally out from their position defined by background graphics.

2. I was also playing with "Scale UI elements" option. But it doesn't work for some themes. I did back-to-back comparison, confirmed that this configuration parameter doesn't work when a theme sets the global_scale parameter.

Checking with Default 5 Dark Extended (which has no global_scale set in theme), setting "Scale UI elements" to 1.3 gives the same result (glitches-wise) like adding global_scale =1.3 described above.

At this point I'd like to react on @EvilDragon's response quoted above: what is possible? It seems, that adding global_scale to theme, effectively locks ability to scale the theme down to a user needs. On the other hand, scaling (either using global_scale or preferences option) has serious issues. Then question is, where the root cause lays: in a theme, letting theme creator to improve it, or in Reaper code.

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