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Originally Posted by MT_ View Post
Looks like a false dichotomy. Whether 4K is HiDPI depends on display size and viewing distance. I have a 24″ 4K monitor Dell P2415Q — it has high pixel density (is HiDPI/Retina) compared with an FHD monitor of the same size, and I use my 4K monitor at 200% OS-level zoom.

Yes.. you are right. It comes from missing clear naming distinction between big and 'normal' size monitors, both providing 4K pixels count.

When I think '4K', I mean big monitors/TV which has quadrupled pixels count comparing to FullHD. I admit it's not proper interpretation at all.

You have real high pixel density monitor. Both kinds of monitors requires themes prepared in different way (while 4K big monitors is closer to normal FullHD one pixel density-wise). In other words: for sure theme dedicated for high dpi displays will not be so useful on 4K big displays
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