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I finally got a chance to install Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain and Sibilance alongside my V9 plugins and everything went smoothly. I didn't even have to do a clear cache and rescan. REAPER just picked up the new V10 shell straight away.

I've had a bit of a play around with Abbey Road TG and am pleased that it offers something different to Scheps Omni Channel but equally useful as a character channel strip. It seems to be particularly good for natural sounding stereo widening which is great. I have quite a few widening tools but ARTG offers a different flavour that I like a lot at this point. Definitely money well spent.

Originally Posted by ivansc View Post
I keep meaning to try and buy Valhalla vintage verb.... Love Valhalla Room, Shimmer, etc, though...
Vintage Verb is really good. The only Valhalla one I don't yet have is their Plate. I do intend on grabbing that though.
Originally Posted by sostenuto View Post
THX for this reminder .. Have V_Plate and Room is next.

BTW _ Room has a v1.5 Update FYI

Waves (Audio Deluxe) got me this time with IR1 and their massive free IR Lib(s).
~~ $28. and quick access to all IR(s) is cool.
Thanks for the tip about the Valhalla update. I'll have to check and see if I have the latest version.
Waves IR1 is really good too.
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