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Originally Posted by srdmusic View Post
Can anyone on this forum explain how I would go about using the HiDPI version of the Reaper theme? Thus far on my end the HiDPI themes have been unusable.

I've tried it, Reaper does have higher resolution graphics. However, the images take up twice the screen space. Therefore, it's not actually higher resolution, it's just larger images.

I've tried scaling Reaper by 50% but that didn't seem to fix the problem.

Second question: I have a custom theme I built pretty much from the ground out. Is there a way of easily 'up-resing' the images in my current theme to make them HiDPI images or do I basically have to redraw each image by hand?

If I can get the HiDPI default theme working I'd like to hire the services of someone on this forum to help me convert my current theme to HiDPI.

Thanks in advance for your help.
If I remember correctly you're on Windows, did you set up the options correctly?

"On Windows: Options > Preferences > General > Advanced UI/system tweaks > HiDPI mode. Restart REAPER."
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