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Originally Posted by akademie View Post
Nice :-)

It would be great if we could send it from within Reaper timeline (check points).
What I mean is I use one big footage (may be 30-60minutes) and then on timeline I split it and make few or lots of usable scenes (every scene about few seconds or more long) for saving a "masterproject" it would be helpfull if the video items in timeline would be splitted without reencoding by using such script and even mkvToolnix etc. and then replaced in project as multiple video source files instead of the original source big video file.

Yes, that would be nice. And probably doable. There is only one draw back: mkvMerge is only capable to split at keyframes (from codec every n's frame). But Reaper lays videos frame by frame into the lanes which means, if you split at a certain point in Reaper, mkvMerge can't split exactly there. And Reaper probably doesn't know where the previous or next keyframes are.

The re-import of the split files wouldn't be possible without time shifts, length differences etc. And I have no idea of how to handle such things. Or if its even possible to do it from inside Reaper. This needs to be planned from a way more advanced Reaper scripter.
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