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Originally Posted by daxliniere View Post
Just started playing with video features, some comments:

-Track Opacity/Zoom/Pan should be in pixels rather than arbitrary.
That has been already requested several times. And I guess its doable by reading out height and width of input video or project specification. If it will be considered still depends on how much priority video in Reaper gets. It seems that a lot of people use it and like it very much to do video but don't set to much focus on it.

-Would be very useful to get control over blend mode (for opacity).
Look into the brand new video section in this forum. You will find several user presets. One of them is wwwmaze's amazing blend preset which you could find here:
A collection of more presets can be found here:
-Consider putting Track Opacity/Zoom/Pan into Media Item Properties rather than filter.
Not sure if this is necessary. Those parameters get automated a lot and wouldn't fit into the actual workflow. But I guess you know that from other video software where those parameters usually are not effects.
-Item Fades Affect Video should be the default behaviour without needing to add a filter.
That's a nice idea but also has downsides if people have auto fade in/out on without knowing it affects video too. But I see where you want to go: To separate video item behavior a bit more from audio item behavior. Generally that makes sense.
-A fish-eye removal filter would be great for GoPro footage.
Grandmaster wwwmaze just started with a brand new preset which offers image distortion for the first time in Reaper. Very exciting! From there its maybe not such a huge step to get an radial equalization.
-Would be nice to get a filter that draws various guidelines over the frame. (safe borders, XY centres, rule of thirds)
As you ask that: Jon from the Reaperblog is just waiting for yoou to subscribe his mail service. He offers a small collection of presets where you can find kind of what you need.

All in all, pretty cool to see how video editing is progressing in REAPER.
Yes. And its good you raise the word as this only helps getting more focus on video.

And don't forget to browse the video forum. A lot of information and chances for questions are waiting for you.

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