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Originally Posted by fbeauvaisc View Post
Is there a way to assign notes to trigger Reaticulate? Would there be a way to do so in the Actions list?
I'm afraid there isn't a native way to do that right now.

Reaper's API doesn't provide an elegant way to do this. Frustratingly, when you assign a note to an action, the script for the action can't actually see which note you triggered, only its velocity. So I can't have a single "Activate articulation by note" where the note number corresponds to the program number.

Consequently, the only way I can think of is a brute force way: create 128 actions to trigger an articulation, one for each program. In fact, I'd need to create 2176 discrete actions: 128*16=2048 for 128 programs on each of the 16 MIDI channels, plus another 128 actions for the 128 programs on the default channel.

Even 128 actions for the default channel is a little on the extreme side IMO, but it may come to that. Maybe someone else on the forum has a clever idea for an alternative.

Meanwhile, the expected way to trigger articulations from a control surface is via a CC, where you bind a CC one of the "Activate articulation by CC" actions and the CC value corresponds to the program number for the articulation.

This probably isn't too useful for your use-case, unless you can somehow reconfigure your MIDI controller to send CC values from the notes? If you have something like the Bome MIDI Translator, you could pretty easily have it translate notes from your controller to CC events.

I'll chew on this a bit and see if I can't dream up some kind of alternative to gobs and gobs of new individual actions for this one use-case. All ideas welcome.
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