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Default Midi notes to trigger Articulations


Great software! I'm a freshly new REAPER user coming from Cubase since their November Cubase 10 update was a fiasco so I decided to make the leap. The only thing I was going to miss was Cubase's Expression Maps. Although Expression Maps have a decent custom mapping GUI and dedicated controller lanes, I feel Reaticulate is surpassing it in a few areas like chasing and the possibility of multiple maps on a same tracks and more.

I've started to map a few of my libraries to Reaticulate. My only issue is I didn't figure out how to trigger the articulations using midi notes. My VEP6 templates are all using multi-timbral instances of ether Play 6 or Kontakt 5 with 16 articulations associated to 16 midi channels. I trigger the midi channels using a small secondary 25keys midi controller assigned to out of musical range midi notes starting at C-2. I've standardized my maps so the similar articulations like legato, long, staccato, marcato and so on, are always maped to the same midi channels and triggered by the same midi notes. Is there a way to assign notes to trigger Reaticulate? Would there be a way to do so in the Actions list?

Thanks and congrats on a great and very promising plugin!
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