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Default Q: how to change a Marker name?

I am trying to change the name of an existing Marker from an OSCII-bot script

I have the following code snippets:

in the ReaperOSC file: MARKER_NAME s/marker/@/name
in the script @ init: reaper_marker_name = "s/marker/%s/name"; //MARKER_NAME
in the script @midimsg: oscsend(OSC_to_REAPER, reaper_marker_name, "NEW NAME", "1"); // = "s/marker/%s/name"; //MARKER_NAME

The OSC Logger shows that this message is sent to Reaper: /marker/1/name Value: NEW NAME but the marker name does not change. I tried it with a marker name of "M1" (as that is how it appears in the Region/ Marker Manager) but no success.

What have I missed?

PS It did not work with the equivalent lines for renaming a track either.
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