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Default Another question please?

I am considering getting two analog gear to assist in my Reaper mixing/mastering;

1. Nektar Panorama P1 Control Surface
2. Mackie PROFX4v2

What I want is for
1. to be able to midi control all of my tracks in the Reaper DAW, faders/pans, solo, and then control separate effects parameters also.


2. To use the mixer to get 2 aux outs and 2 returns to facilitate using a. compressor and b. audio track (EQ, Limiter).

First question; is this how I do it?
So it seems that I have a mono out from the mixer to the analog physical compressor, and stereo return from the compressor back to the mixer?

And then I can apply that compressor to each of the tracks in my Reaper project using the midi controller to control the parameters of it?

any help much appreciated. I'm very confused about all of this.
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