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Default Graphics issue with Sonokinetics NOIR

I am having a strange issue with Sonokinetics Noir. It has 2 Kontakt instruments - Sections and Solos.

The Sections instrument is causing a problem with Reaper when the main graphic screen is shown. The graphic uses the larger Kontakt screen, pushing much farther to the right.

Upon loading Sections, my CPU jumps to about 13% (which should not be a problem) but Reaper becomes very sluggish, especially the MIDI editor, which is virtually unusable.

If I click on the NOIR icon below Kontakt's wrench icon, the graphic goes away, the CPU drops to almost 0 and the MIDI editor works perfectly and everything is fine, but I cannot see the program to work with it! I have to constantly toggle the graphic on and off which is rather inconvenient.

If I close the Kontakt instance or if I load up another FX on the track and if I select that FX, it will replace the Noir instance and once again the Noir Sections works perfectly.

I am using Windows 10, 16GB RAM, quad-core i7 4790K (4.0GHz), and a 4GB Nvidia card. When the graphic is showing, the load on the card hovers between 0 to 1%, so the graphic card is not an issue. I generally use a high buffer of 2048 unless I am recording guitar so there should be absolutely no strain on the system.

I see that there was another user asking about a similar problem titled "EZdrummer/Reaper graphics latency" so I am wondering if there is not some issue with graphics interfering with something in Reaper.

BTW, I have brought the issue to Sonokinetics attention and they are stumped. I must give them TOP marks for how quickly and attentive they have been to assist me.

Does anyone have Noir and tell me if they are seeing any issues with the Sections instrument, particularly with MIDI playback/editing.
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