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Default Separate-process performance

Originally Posted by lxm View Post
Oh man no more squinting!!!! TYVM!
You are welcome. Btw, the only alternative DAW I know of that allows Windows-powered scaling of older plugins by running them in separate processes is FL Studio, but Reaper’s implementation looks more stable, though I didn’t work with it much yet.

Originally Posted by lxm View Post
Is there any performace issues to be had bridging everything?
In terms of CPU performance, running different tasks in separate processes potentially provides better performance thanks to fuller utilizing of computational power of multicore CPUs because each task is able to run on its own core even if each single task is not optimized for multiple cores. Real performance depends on implementation: for example, multiprocess Firefox annoyingly causes mouse cursor to move at slow and constantly changing speed on a regular basis which is very annoying.

Graphics performance should not depend much on whether processes are separate. If you have performance issues at 4K, it’s probably because your CPU and/or GPU are not fast/modern enough.

It’s also possible that it’s an issue of the graphics driver you use. For example, with nVidia drivers 361.91+ under Windows 7, there is frequent stuttering noticeable during moving mouse or scrolling in e.g. a web browser like Firefox. I have GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost 2GB and Intel i7-3770T, and with older nVidia drivers like 353.06, 4K experience is quite smooth with the same hardware.
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