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Default setting controller, but still on channels 2, 3, 4, thanks


I have the easycontrol 9 also, just bought it.
I understand that there can be 4 'scenes' or banks of different cc control messages available on this controller.

I see what you're saying and have watched the video and have the manual.
I do not, however know how to get the banks 2, 3, 4 active.
When I choose bank 2 with the lower left button (Bank with 1, 2, 3, 4 red highlight button on select). And when I use 'action' and a cc message, it registers just the same cc numbers as in the previous bank 1.

I have now the message that I need to set a Controller in preferences, so question please? :

Settings/Control/OSC/web/ Control surface mode: has these midi controllers to choose from: Behringer BCF2000 (using preset 1), Frontier Alpha Track, Frontier Tranzport, HUI (partial), Mackie Control Extender, Mackie Control Universal, OSC (Open Sound Control), PreSonus FaderPort, Presonus FaderPort XT, Web broser interface, YAMAHA 01X.

Is one of these generic enough to choose and run my 'Worlde Easycontrol 9 then?

And then I understand that I'll be using Actions, and choose which cc settings I want to effect control of (Track: set volume track 1) and set to fader '1' of the 'scene 1' of the controller.

And also I see and have handy a how to, to use the 'ReaControlMIDI (Cockos) that is available as a fx vst.

Lots to learn, grins, head spinning. I'm doing ok with setting faders, rotary knobs and buttons with Scene 1, cc channel 1, but I can't for the life of me select or access channels 2, 3 and 4 for further mapping.
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