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Default JS FX plugins, Ambisonic ATK for Reaper

Hello, guys
As you probably have no idea, I am one of those idiots who think that stereo mixes sound... well, uncomfortable... especially nowadays when most people listen to music on their headphones.

Not a big deal, of course. 99% of the listeners would not be able to tell the difference... unless it has been advertised to them mostly regarding gaming, movies (and music after all).

A few months ago I found this collection of web-sites which dig deeply into the capabilities of Reaper, free VST, and JS FX plugins.

.: It is about Binaural sound :.


Multi-channel for ambiX

JS fx plugin:
ATK for Reaper

VST plugin:
Sonarworks Reference 4 headphone match and correction simulator
~you'll need this if you listen and mix on a set of the listed headphones in that plugin!

The subject is huge. No need for me to try and explain to you what it is all about. Only those interested in it will find it suitable.

I listen and mix 99% of the time on headphones. I use Foobar as an audio player. Please, do yourselves a favour and use it as well. For the standard stereo mixes I use the Dolby Headphone plugin in Foobar and it makes my brain feel comfortable:


Dolby Headphone Wrapper

Dolby's dolbyhph library file


Why is all this so important?
Well, it is not if you have no idea about what is the difference between headphone channel separation and binaural audio (which tries to emulate cross-feed between those channels in order to feel like there are no headphones on your ears... roughly said)

Recently I bought Tesseract's new album "Sonder". It came with a second disc that has been mastered as a 'KLANG 3D' in-ear mixing.

KLANG 3D demo

I wasn't very satisfied with the difference between that and the normal Stereo-mix of the album. Not a big deal. Just wanted to share with you.
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