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Originally Posted by jlinger View Post
The controller comes with a program to change the CC of the knobs and sliders, but this doesn't seem to be changing within Reaper.
According to this video there's a Communication -> Send Scene Data menu to save the changed scene configuration to the MIDI controller.
Did you do that step?

Otherwise in general either use a different MIDI channel per bank/scene. As example:
- bank 1 uses MIDI channel 1 for all CC parameters
- bank 2 uses MIDI channel 2 for all CC parameters
- and so on ...

Or if you're using the same MIDI channel throughout different banks/scenes, use different MIDI parameters types like MIDI-notes (instead of CC).
As example
- bank 1 uses MIDI-channel 1 and MIDI-CC-parameters
- bank 2 uses MIDI-channel 1 and MIDI-Notes

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